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. Making Positive Solutions

There is increasing pressure on business’s to save on money and improve on staff performance. Studies have shown that it’s often the small changes that can bring the most effective results.


UK and European companies often have to look for innovative methods to inspire and motivate their staff and at the same time reduce work related stress.


Based on current research I have developed an effective and proactive programme to enhance efficiency.





Mind Power Skill offers a transformation course that can help employers and employees to recognise how they often deal with their current work situations. Using my unique step by step strategies together we can transfer and increase communication skills, planning, strategy methods , discover how to use time more effectively and increase motivation. By changing the way we think productivity can improve enormously.


  • Reinforce a strong company image to attract new business and employees
  • Increase sales


  • Improve staff performance and productivity
  • Increase employee satisfaction, confidence and well-being



  • Reduce staff turn over and stress related sickness, by introducing coping strategies
  • Increase effective and positive communication
  • Staff well being and motivational days and 1-1 sessions




I am a highly motivated proactive teacher, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist with skills in creating and utilising pioneering techniques, that enable professionals and individuals to reach their goals and ambitions through therapy and project lead programs.

By using motivational language, confidence building strategies, therapeutic modules and step by step programmes, learners begin to break down limiting barriers, gain confidence and focus on their higher goals in their respective careers. These skills also transfer to clients or learners in enhancing their life coping strategies. Previous clients have included Premiership Footballers, Olympic Performers and Industrial Leaders, I have assisted them to maximise their peak performance and achieve their goals. In 2004 a class I tutored (at Barnfield College UK) was inspected by Ofsted for the assessment of teaching practices, I achieved a grade 1, of which I am immensely proud of.

I have worked in training and therapy based careers since 1991 and have been involved in many professional target driven or motivational programs. In 2014/16 I appeared on television and radio promoting funded projects for training programs for local employability schemes. The results I have achieved with learner groups showed on average 85% success of individuals gaining productive employment.


My previous role as an officer in the HM Prison Service, included challenging work in a psychology unit and incorporated my training as a Hostage Negotiator; this invaluable experience has lead to my current work in helping people who are experiencing challenging life situations. I am currently available to facilitate and teach on courses, workshops and presentations in organisations, that seek to assist and motivate their clients to reach their highest potential.



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