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Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy


Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy is an effective form of therapy, that can consist of a variety of techniques designed to help you. Often more conventional methods may not offer the personal one to one structure of psychotherapy. Whilst hypnotherapy and psychotherapy sessions should not take the place of mainstream medical practice, therapy can offer an effective solution and can be used alongside conventional medical care.

Psychotherapeutic techniques including Hypnotherapy or the use of distinctive skills such as NLP, Enhanced Thinking Skills or Trauma Releasment Therapies can provide tangible results.

Please note: Smoking cessation is often one session.

Other therapeutic sessions are arranged for weekly appointments.

Contact me to discuss flexible times and dates.

Daytime and early evening sessions are available.

Saturday appointments are sometimes available.

(Please read our terms and conditions page regarding appointments).




I have been involved in therapy based careers since 1991 and have helped people who are immersed in often very difficult and seemingly stressful situations.

 Mind Power Skills is my company name. I chose this name because I believe that each individual has the power in your mind to change your life, using your own skills.

 As a therapist, I use Life Empowerment Therapy (LET’s) to help people make these important life changes and to enable them to feel that they are taking back control of their lives.



Psychotherapy is a therapeutic healing process designed not just to help you find a positive solution to difficult or challenging problems, but also to help you attain your goals through utilising a more positive mind set.


By embracing new confidence skills and Psychotherapeutic Techniques we can invoke positive thought process’s and encourage change, helping you to achieve a greater new reality.




Hypnosis is a “State of relaxed attention”


Hypnosis is a natural altered state of awareness between being asleep and awake. When we “daydream” or become captivated in a book we are going into a state of light hypnosis. For clinically therapeutic purposes, we use a powerful directed focussed attention to achieve Clinical Hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is a very calming and relaxing Therapy aimed at exploring and focusing on specific goals or problems through your Subconscious Mind. Our Subconscious Mind holds every experience we have ever had, our memories, beliefs, attitudes, identities, our habitual behaviours as well as our autonomic functioning (breathing, heart beat etc).

By exploring the Subconscious Mind we are able to reframe, release and overcome mental blocks and dis-ease experienced in your Conscious Mind enabling you to take back control and empower your life!


Life Empowerment Therapy

Life Empowerment Therapy works by combining Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy, NLP & ETS. These powerful Therapies, invoke your Subconscious and Conscious mind and encourages you towards the greater possibilities, success and profound personal achievement you desire, so “Be The Very Best You Can Be!”



Neuro Linguistic Programming is a Psychotherapeutic method of using communication and language to develop positive change. Experience leading a more fulfilling life by learning and understanding that patterns of behaviour can be changed by encouraging these new language techniques and thought process’s.

NLP can help you to understand your life experiences. It is a unique way of perceiving reality, and of making appropriate interventions that can guide you towards achieving your full potential.



Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing (EMDR) & Enhanced Thinking Skills are all Emotional, Trauma & Releasment Therapies.



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