Smoking Cessation


This powerful Therapy Session enables you to re-programme your Subconscious Mind into believing you are a a non-smoker, break the habbit and remove addiction feeling.


Session is recorded onto cd

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Imagine how great this would feel



Divorce, job loss and other negative influences can impact upon your life and decrease your confidence and cause loss of self esteem. Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy may help you to become more positive, confident, regain your self esteem and refocus on your goals and aims in life. Get your Zest Back!!

Sessions recorded onto cd

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Be a

warrior not a victim

Stress & Anxiety


Stress & Anxiety can upset your health and lifestyle leaving you feeling like a tightly wound up coil! Using powerful relaxation & hypnotherapy tools your stress and anxiety levels are reduced to more comfortable levels bringing a calmer, more positive frame of mind.

Regain calmness

Sessions recored onto cd

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Motivation & Confidence Building


Imagine how life would feel for you if you were were living a life of confideance? What would it be like to be motivated and passionate about things. You can experience this, blocks or habits have blocked your path. Hypnosis can help remove these and empower you with confidence.

Groups and individuals

Proven Track Record

Stay on Top

Drug & Alcohol Addiction


Hypnotherapy is a positive and successful technique that can be used to help to treat drug and alcohol addiction and the withdrawal symptoms often experienced by people who are battling to live a healthier life.


Groups and individuals

CD Recordings avaialble

Break free from the Addiction


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