Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions



Phil Griggs

Mind Power Skills


Clinical Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist



The following Terms & Conditions apply:




If you cancel your appointment within 48hrs of the session you are liable to pay 50% of the booking fee: for all services except smoking cessation




You may reschedule an appointment within 48hrs. The cancellation (see above) conditions apply to the new appointment date & time arranged.


Disclaimer Information provided within the pages of this website is stated for your general information purposes only.


Mind Power Skills advises:

You to contact your Medical Practitioner or a Medical Professional i.e Doctor/ General Practitioner/Consultant if you are unsure if the Therapies offered are suitable for you.



Mind Power Skills

Seeks to ensure that all information provided within this Website is accurate at time of being published.


Mind Power Skills

Are not liable for any decision or action you may take as a result of information printed on this Website.


If in doubt please consult a medical professional.


At all times there is complete Confidentiality between Therapist & Client.


An Appointment/Session time is approximately 90 minutes.

If it is appropriate to end the scheduled session earlier, this is at the discretion of Mind Power Skills. The consultation fee will remain the same.


Phil Griggs of Mind Power Skills

Utilises all reasonable care and skill in providing the service that you choose.

It would be unethical to Guarantee your treatment.

There is not a Therapy, Treatment, Medication or Operation that has a guaranteed 100% success rate.


You undertake a Therapy at your own discretion, you will be asked to complete & sign a Disclaimer before any Therapy commences.


Phil Griggs of Mind Power Skills

Does not offer a refund or part refund.



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